Tanzania Secondary Schools e-Learning (TanSSe-L) System

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TanSSe-L Support Unit,
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Tel. No.: (+255)222410377
Nkrumah Hall
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Tanzania Secondary Schools e-Learning (TanSSe-L) System is a Web-based learning management system for Tanzania secondary schools. The aim of The TanSSe-L system is to support secondary schools' education system by providing access to teaching and learning resources which include: learning materials for different subjects, assessment activities like: self test questions, exercises and assignments. It also gives an opportunity for collaboration through discussion forum where students - students, student - teachers and teacher - teacher can share their experiences in relevant subjects. Get more information on:

  • "TanSSe-L System Registration Guide", to know how you can register into a system
  • "TanSSe-L System User Guide" for registered users, which will make you know how to use a system
By: TanSSe-L System Administrator

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